Since we are an American brand “Van (like the vehicle) Lou (like the name) Inn (like the hotel).”  If we were in the Netherlands “Von (the von Trapp Family) Lei (Like the Hawaiian flower necklace) Vin (Like French for wine).”

Not exactly, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream was founded in NYC by brothers Ben and Pete Van Leeuwen (American with a Dutch Dad) and Laura O’Neill (an Australian living in America).

Ben and Pete Van Leeuwen and Laura O’Neill started Van Leeuwen Ice Cream out of a yellow truck on the streets of NYC in 2008, with the mission to make good ice cream, from good ingredients, that makes you feel good. Learn more about our story and mission here.

You can find us in our scoop shop located at Orchard Central #01-19.

Eggs. Plenty of ’em. Turns out, when you use twice as many egg yolks as the standard ice cream you have to call it French Ice Cream. Fine by us. Because whether it’s using more eggs or having to legally change our name, we’ll do anything to make the best ice cream on Earth.

It was! Ben had a ton of fun meeting Howie.


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